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The History Of Your Name


We all have a name - Our experts have researched close to 2 million names to create a unique print or hand crafted embroidery with the history of your name. These include your coat of arms/Family Crest, Clan or Irish Sept depending on your preference and heritage. These pertain to all over the world with most European names and histories covered. Whether you are from the UK, Ireland, Europe, Scandinavia, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc . Send us your family name and preference, we will do the rest, whether you want a history or special embroidery for a wedding or anniversary, we have the perfect gift for you or your friends and family.

Hand Made Embroideries & Prints


The Scrolls/Prints make excellent decorative pieces in your home and are always admired, an instant talking point.

The Embroideries are all hand crafted and made to order. They are made with the finest silver and gold embroidery threads that will last through the passages of time. These make excellent special and unique gifts a celebration of your heritage and history. 

Wonderful gifts for all occasions.   

Personalised double embroidery for weddings/anniversaries/when you met - a special gift to last a lifetime. We also provide half size and full size banners with your Family or Clan Crest - perfect for that larger area or to decorate a room. Perfect for a wedding or party.

Options - Unique To Your Family Name


Please review all the options in the shop. All we require is your Family name and we do the rest. The Prints of your Named History & Family Crest start at only £22 and can be dispatched within a day in most cases. The hand crafted embroideries take longer but are the centre pieces of the room and make fantastic and unique  Wedding/Anniversary gifts or Birthday/Christmas Gifts . 

True works of art that include the history of your family name and coat of arms/family crest, that will be greatly appreciated and admired for a lifetime.

About Us

Who We Are


We are a family run company with over 30 years experience in the supply of unique gifts & art that are special to your family name and heritage. We pride ourselves in the quality of the pieces, with significant work and research having gone into creating each piece.

Come and visit our shop at the Loch Ness Exhibition Centre in Drumnadrochit (near Inverness) or purchase the products online. 

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Telephone (shop) +44 (0)1456 459377

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Loch Ness Exhibition Centre


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As a family run business we very much appreciate your patronage. Should you have any questions or require to contact us please do not hesitate to do so at 

sales@whatisyourname.co.uk or directly, utilising the emails opposite. Please make anyone who is interested aware of our gifts. It is very much appreciated. 

Named History with Coat of Arms/Family Crest

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